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Welcome to my  Homepage!.

     I started this homepage a couple of months ago.  Since then I've had a few hits -- sixteen, in fact -- more than fifty percent of which was wholly from myself.  The place was so ugly that I am even surprised that surfers even bothered to pass by ( unless they were inspecting  for, of course.).  I have tried to introduce improvements and I ask the surfer to be patient with me as I am quite slow in learning the rudiments of healthy homepage building.
Let Me Introduce Myself.
     I am Fray Abet.   "Fray" is a nick for "Frayle" a Spanish word for "Friar."  I am a religious belonging to the Order of St. Augustine and I am presenting this homepage to the World Wide Web for no other reason than to take part in the Internet way of communicating.  I have no services to offer, no business to run, no free stuff to give...  In a certain way, this homepage is of no use except to myself.  But I just couldn't keep myself from sharing with anyone the wonderful things I have found  in this my great Internet Adventure! 
     What is the great Internet Adventure?   Well, just click here  I'll tell you about it...