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Photographs and Memories


ako38sm.gif (3654 bytes)

This is how I look now as I make this page. 

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This was how I looked two years ago,
a long time before I got involved in webpage building. 

Below are pictures taken from 1996 to the present
showing the different activities I have been involved in as a worker in the Lord's vineyard in the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City.
Click on the thumbnails to have a closer look at the pictures
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The tower of the University of San Agustin Mentrida Hall.  It houses the Chapel, Library, Campus Ministry Office and the Theology Office.  For almost now six years, I have been working under its shadow.

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The door of the Theology Office.  I have been going in and out of it for about four years now.  It opens up to a small corner of the Mentrida Hall which has been hallowed by the quiet work of theology students and teachers.

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A great part of my job regards the building up of the Lord's Body within an academic setting.  This picture shows me accepting an offering during a Eucharistic celebration with the Catechists.

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My work as Campus Minister in the years 1994-1998 allowed me to come into direct contact with our students.  This picture shows me in a Seminar Workshop for the members of the Kabataang Agustino Formation Program.

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My stay at the University of San Agustin is not devoid of fun though.   This picture shows me and three other members of our religious community performing on stage during the University Day 1998.

DEAN1sm.gif (145988 bytes)

A more recent picture of the Dean of Theology caught while he was at work with the computer.  Memos, letters, research guidelines, lecture materials, and other printed works occupy a lot of space in that 386's hard drive.

dean2sm.gif (137029 bytes)

The Dean of Theology at his desk.  A cup of coffee, some papers, lecture notes, books and a smile.

Created on February 8, 2000