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Ever since it was uploaded, A Friar's Journal has been maintained with the help of the Free Sites of the Internet.  Here is a list of those sites which have provided me and this site a lot of free stuff...

Website Description Category
Brave Net Looking for a free CGI service? Go to Brave Net. CGI Services
Dynamic Drive I first learned about DHTML from this site. It was recommended to me by a programmer friend. It also has tutorials on DHTML apart from the scripts they provide. Great for learning how to make web pages more interactive. DHTML
The Font Party This site does not only offer fonts, it also opens the door to a lot of good font resources (both free and not so free) on the Web. Fonts
Font File A great resource for free fonts. Free Fonts
Arachnoid.Com Home of Care Ware and Arachnophilia. Paul Lutus provides surfers not only with a great HTML editor but also with a philosophy, the Care Ware philosophy. HTML Editor
HTML Goodies One of the better HTML tutorials I have visited. It also has a section for Javascripting tutorials. HTML Tutorials
The JavaFile I got introduced to javascripts through this website. I have made use of their scripts for Your Simple WebPageMaker and for some of my webpages. Javascripts
Java City 2000 Another great provider of javascripts. What I can't find at other javascript resources, I found here. There was a time when they accepted requests for scripts. But that was a long time ago. The site also offers MIDI for your playing pleasure. Javascripts
WebSite Abstraction This site contains a lot of tutorials for those wishing to learn the rudiments of javascripting. It has a forum where one can interact with their "experts"and also provides javascripts for different needs. Javascripts
Binary Bliss There are lots of great stuff here for downloading. It is a haven for shareware and freeware addicts. I have been downloading heavily from it these past days. All the softwares I have taken from them have turned out to be gems. Software
Dave Central Here is another site that one can visit for downloading software. Software
The Great Mouseover Machine I haven't found a mouseover application software that can equal Charity Kahn's Mouse over Machine. Web Development
Free Site Tools This is one of those sites that introduced me to a lot of other free sites. Your Simple WebPageMaker has found a home in its indexes. Web Development
Animation Factory Looking for 3D animations? This is just the place for it. It also offers other services for aspiring GIF creators. Web Graphics
BigNose Bird I remember this site for providing me my first background sets, although it offers a lot of other services too. Web Graphics
Copernic The site provides you with an amazing software that facilitates the search for a particular idea, service or whatever on the web. I have been using it for the past six months and it has not let me down. Very useful if you are building up a list of links or if you are just searching the Web for an idea. Web surfing