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Description:  A javascript-driven HTML editor.  Built around the script of a very rudimentary editor found at Java City 2000 (author unknown), it incorporates into itself other javascript design utilities found in the Free Sites of the WWW.  Your Simple WebPageMaker 1.1+ is a functional editor for beginners.


  • An interface that is geared towards instruction;
  • A Help File ;
  • A Background Image Browser;
  • An Image Manipulator;
  • A Font Viewer
  • A Color Chart Guide;
  • A Meta Tag Creator (from the Javafile.Com)  and
  • A Table Maker (by Andy Augustine).
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    Submitted to:  FreeSite Tools

    Featured in About.Com's Web Designs section under "HTML editors." 

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    Enhancements Made

    September 26, 2000
    Enhanced the interface with graphics.
    September 28, 2000
    Corrected some mistakes in coding.
    September 29, 2000
    Added a Font Tag Builder (my script), JBarta's Handy Dandy Font Viewer, and a Color Chart.
    September 30, 2000
    Replaced the Meta Tag Creator script with one from Roger Zeitel that I customized for this site. The script was downloaded from The JavaFile.
    October 3, 2000
    I have added a utility for retrieving files from one's computer. At least, one can now access a saved work. File retrieval can only work with MSIE, though. The script used works on the view source function. With MSIE, the source opens up in Notepad. From there, I can easily copy the source and paste it on the text area of Your Simple WebPageMaker for editing. With Netscape, one must open up Notepad first, go to the saved file and open it up, select the whole text, then copy and paste it onto Your Simple WebPageMaker.
    October 4, 2000
    I added a utility (my script) for special characters. Thanks to Lynnette for helping me encode them. The utility is linked to the Font Options.
    November 5,2000
    Made a lot of changes on the interface. Fixed the problem with the List Tags (I think). A major addition in this regard is the mini-Help list that is linked to Ayel Lee's HTML Tutorials. Now one can open up Your Simple WebPageMaker in either a full window or in a normal one. Just choose the mode. I have also rearranged the Options for the Background and Text Colors so that anyone who clicks "Choose Current Colors" will always have black text on a white background, with blue links, red active links and magenta visited links as default settings that one can change.  I have also added a tag for Non-Breaking Space.
    November 25, 2000
    I have rewritten the script of Your Simple WebPageMaker so that the principal HTML codes at least should be in small letters. So, instead of the former <Head></Head> rendering, one can now have <head></head>.  I have also adjusted the Font Options so that it could better reflect the standards of HTML 3.2.