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Designing a Custom Table

How Do I Use This?

  1. Choose how your table will look like by filling out the form below;
  2. Click on "Draw The Table" so that you'd see how the rows and columns on your table would look like;
  3. Click on "Generate The Code" and a small window will pop up.
  4. Copy the Code and paste it on the WebPage Maker, inserting it at that point in the page where you would like it to appear;
  5. Once pasted on the WebPage Maker, add this expression within the <table> tag: width="100%". This expression will spread the table to the width of the browser.

This interactive guide has been designed by Andy Augustine to teach web designers the attributes of the <TABLE> tag. It allows the user to modify these attributes and see the immediate effects on an example table (displayed in the bottom frame).   Because of its usefulness, I have decided to integrate it as part of Your Simple WebPage Maker. If you think you've found a bug, check the buglist and please let Andy Augustine know about it. He has documented some glitches at the bottom of this page.

Align (table):
Left None Right
Border Width in Pixels:
0 1 2 5 10 15
Cellpadding: Cellspacing:
ALIGN (cells):
Left Center Right
VALIGN (cells):
Top Center Bottom
The following features correspond to bottom frame:

List of known bugs