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Web Page Maker Help 1.0

The Web Page Maker is a javascript driven tool for writing the kind of pages one can view through an Internet browser (*.htm/*.html).  A webpage has the following general structure.







The Web Page Maker can encode a number of the basic contents of a web page except for the following:


To start writing a web page, click on "Start" and you will be prompted for the title of your page.  The Web Page Maker will then automatically generate the codes for the title. Note:  <title> here refers to the name of your page.  This will not be shown in the body of your webpage but in the status bar of the browser .

To alter the general appearance of the BODY of the page, select from the options for the background and link colors.  Note:  The Web Page Maker won't be able to help you make use of images for your background.  Record your selection by clicking on "Choose Current Colors."  This will automatically encode the Body properties of the webpage.

Normally, the Body of a web page will look like this:

Web Page Maker Help 1.0

What is Web Page Maker

Web Page Maker is a javascript driven tool for writing webpages...

Copyright:Agustinong Pinoy.Com

The Web Page has a "Header" a Paragraph Text with links. To code a "header" choose from the buttons marked H1 to H6 and type in the text when prompted.  The largest header size is "1" and the smallest "6".

To begin a paragraph, click on "Paragraph Break."  There are three font styles to be chosen from: normal, italic, and bold.  Here, the Microsoft rule "type first and format later" does not apply.  One should pick the style first, then type in the text when prompted.

To make an indented paragraph, click on "Preformatted Text."  One must type the preformatted text directly into the Web Page Maker's text area.

Click on "Horizontal Rule" to create a dividing line between sections of the webpage.

To create lists one can choose from "Numbered List" and "Unnumbered List" or from "Menu" and "Dir":

A Numbered List

An Unnumbered List

  1. clothing
  2. accessories
  3. books
  4. diskettes
  • clothing
  • accessories
  • books
  • diskettes

Note:  The Web Page Maker can only put in the initial codes for these lists.

To create linebreaks, click on "Line Break".  Line breaks are useful for texts that look like the following:

Ako'y tutula,
     mahabang mahaba;
Ako'y uupo,
     tapos na po.

To center a text or paragraph, click on "<Center>", type the text manually, and then close it by clicking "</Center>".

To create a link, click on "Link" and you will be prompted, first, for the URL of the page you are linking to (e.g. or "page2.html").  And then you will be prompted for the "Text Link"

To insert an image, click on "Image" and you will be prompted for the location and name of the image.  The code that will be generated will look like the following:

<img src="mypicture.gif">

To see how your web page would look like in a browser, click on "Test"

To close the Web Page, click on "End" and the Web Page Maker will encode </body></html>

Close Web Page Maker Help


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