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Price:  Care Ware    (More About CareWare)

Description:  A javascript-driven HTML editor.  Built around the script of a very rudimentary editor found at Java City 2000 (author unknown), it incorporates into itself other javascript design utilities found in the Free Sites of the WWW.  Your Simple WebPageMaker 1.1+ is a functional editor for beginners.


  • An interface that is geared towards instruction;
  • A Help File ;
  • A Background Image Browser;
  • An Image Manipulator;
  • A Font Viewer
  • A Color Chart Guide;
  • A Meta Tag Creator (from the Javafile.Com)  and
  • A Table Maker (by Andy Augustine).
  • A Frames Maker (based on the Simple Frames Maker of EONS
  • A Downloadable Version
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    Submitted to:  FreeSite Tools

    Featured in About.Com's Web Designs section under "HTML editors." 

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