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What Are The Things That
Your Simple WebPageMaker Cannot Do?

  1. Since it is javascript driven, it cannot work apart from a browser. It can work with generation 4+ plus browsers; it will not work with javascript impaired ones.
  2. It can work with one page at a time. To edit several pages with it, one will have to open as many instances of it as there are pages to edit. But hey, for that kind of work, why not just use a real HTML editor. Get one like Arachnophilia 4.0 or XSite.
  3. One can either choose to use its buttons from beginning till end for the composition of a page, or one can just do free form editing with it. One can't combine both ways, as can be done with real HTML editors.
  4. One can't directly save the page one is working on with it. In order to save the page, one will have to right click for its source (if with I.E) or save it directly from the browser's "Save" button (if with Netscape).
  5. One can't get a saved file directly from it. The "Get A File" link works with I.E. In this case, the saved file opens in Notepad. One can then copy the whole source and paste it onto Your Simple WebPageMaker so that editing can continue. With Netscape, one will have to open up the saved file through another text editor, copy the source and paste it onto Your Simple WebPageMaker.  One may at this point ask, "So why not just continue editing in Notepad or in whatever text editor is available?"  Answer: Your Simple WebPageMaker can preview your work.
  6. It can't help with Cascading Style Sheets

If you know of any other area where Your Simple WebPageMaker does not function, send me an email.