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What Can Your Simple WebPageMaker Do?

  1. It can come up with the outline of a complete HTML document including the DOC Declaration.
  2. Used correctly, it gives support to HTML 3.2 specifications. In the hands of the more knowledgeable, it can help generate a web page that is HTML 4.0 compliant.
  3. HTML codes are now in lower case so that one can use it to come up with an XHTML document.
  4. When it works with MSIE, one can open a saved file from the directory. The file opens up in Notepad, and so can be copied and pasted on YSWPM's work area.
  5. Your Simple WebPageMaker has tools for the following:
    • Making Tables
    • Browsing for Images
    • Previewing Images for Background
    • Manipulating image sizes and previewing them.
    • Making Meta Tags
    • Previewing Fonts and Background Colors
    • A Cut and Paste Tool for Special Characters
  6. Your Simple WebPageMaker has an instructive user interface
  7. Your Simple WebPageMaker has links to an HTML Tutorial