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General Description

Your Simple WebPageMaker 1.1 is a learning tool. It is a javascript driven HTML editor that helps one make web-pages. It does not take away the need for editors like Arachnophilia , Site Aid or Top Dawg. It does however provide a very inexpensive way of trying out HTML (if you are still beginning) or trouble-shooting a WYSIWYG-spun web page (if your WYSIWYG does not provide you with a way to edit the source code) or -- for the more advanced -- honing your HTML coding skills with minimal help. It is very much like this site's Exerciser (the technology of Your Simple WebPageMaker1.1 actually grew out of it) except that it is larger and contains a lot more instructional features.

Its Presence in the Web

Since Your Simple WebPageMaker 1.1 was made available to the Net in the middle of September 2000, it has been used to generate some good-looking web pages. You can find some of these at the Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod website. It is featured at Free Site Tools and About.Com as an HTML Utility and has been actually used (by the present writer) for instructions in HTML. It is at the moment non-downloadable, but it can be used at its homepage at


What can Your Simple WebPageMaker1.1. do? And what can't it do? For one thing, Your Simple WebPageMaker 1.1. is a web page that generates other web pages. It does not work independently of a browser. Second, it is based on javascript, and therefore can only work in javascript enabled browsers. Third, since it is not a software, it cannot save your file directly ( you save the file through the browser you are using) nor can you use it to open your saved file for editing (you'll need your Windows Notepad for this). Fourth, you can edit just one file with Your Simple WebPageMaker. To edit more, you will have to multiply your browser windows. Notwithstanding these limitations, however, you can...

  • scan your directory and get a saved file (if you are using MSIE; with Netscape, you can get a file and view it, no more)
  • preview graphics with it
  • create tables
  • create frames
  • learn how HTML codes are done while composing your page
  • create codes (like Meta Tags) that you can copy and paste to your page
  • preview your finished work using a browser

For a learning tool, who could ask for more?